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The exclusive pet sitting agency run by pet lovers ... for pet lovers. Whether you are planning a trip, need day-to-day help with your pets or just require somebody to house-sit for a while, our bespoke services are tailored simply to meet you and your pets needs, ensuring the best possible care and attention, whilst offering you a natural alternative to dog kennels and catteries without you having to rely on friends or family.
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Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
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01296 330126
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07595 636382
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The Pet Taxi’ Service

If you struggle to find time ...
 ... in your day for ‘that vet appointment’, or Fido’s monthly grooming session, or if you simply don’t have the transportation to get your pet somewhere, then worry not because Mind Your Paws can help. Our individual Pet Taxi service chaperones our clients pets to and from destinations on a daily basis. Whether it be a vet appointment, groomers, catteries, kennels, even if you are moving house .. Mind Your Paws are here to help.

Fish and Bird Feeding
If you are going to be out of town for a while ...
 ... or even just a couple of days, you are going to need someone dependable to feed and care for your smaller compadres. Thankfully, at Mind Your Paws we have such people ready and waiting to take care of your small birds, freshwater and tropical aquarium fish.
Cats/Small Pet Pop-In Service

Are you going away on holiday ...
... but you don’t want to leave your cats in a cattery, or have to ask your neighbours to feed the hamster, guinea pig etc whilst you are away? Mind Your Paws has trusted pet sitters on-hand to come over to feed and spend time with your little treasures in your absence.

Dog Walking

As we all know ..
.. our four legged friends need plenty of exercise, but with peoples lifestyles now busier than ever, there’s quite often not enough hours in the day. So why not let Mind Your Paws be of assistance. We have professional dog walkers available in your area, ready to help out.

Dog Care Visits

When left alone in the house ..
.. many dogs can feel lonely and they miss the companionship that they are used to having with their family. Human interaction throughout the day is important for your dogs happiness and well being. At Mind Your Paws, we have professional pet sitters who specialise in spending time and caring for our clients dogs and puppies when, for example, they are at work.

Dog Boarding

Given the choice ..
.. of a warm, cosy house or boarding kennels, which would your dog choose? Not all dogs enjoy staying in boarding kennels , in fact, it can be a very stressful experience for them, leaving them anxious and depressed. Pet owners are aware of this and now look for alternative arrangements for when they are away. At Mind Your Paws, we offer two alternatives to boarding kennels, Dog Sitting and Dog Boarding.

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